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Workshop about conflicts

Conflicts. Usually, we try to ignore or avoid them, but they are a part of life, especially life in relationships. We do not know what to do with them, how to behave, how to respond in conflicts. So often we lose a lot by avoiding or fighting. We do not know how to solve them or even what does it mean to „solve a conflict”. Is „winning” enough? „Enough” for what? Putting down the opponent often means the end of a relationship, for a while, or forever. Is this our goal? To be finally alone? But from the other side, where I am if I always say „yes” and accept everything that others want form me? Am I really in a relationship, do I am?
I am going to address those issues during the seminar. I will offer some theory about conflict solving from Process Psychology point of view and I will invite participants to check the value of it in practice with my assistance and supervision.